Terrorist activity; India raises issue of cyber attacks at UNSC debate

India strongly condemns cyberspace abuse at UN. India has said that cyberspace is being misused in many countries for cross-border terrorist activities.

“Some states are leveraging their expertise in cyberspace to achieve their political and security-related objectives and indulge in contemporary forms of cross-border terrorism,” said Foreign Secretary Harsh V Shringla.

“Organizations use cyberspace to propagate the prejudiced agendas of terrorist organizations. This is also to unleash hatred and violence, and to recruit young people”, he added.

“Terrorists have also used social media for planning and executing their terror attacks and wreaking havoc. As a victim of terrorism, India has always underlined the need for Member States to address and tackle the implications of terrorist exploitation of the cyber domain more strategically,” said Shringla.

The Foreign Secretary’s remarks pointed at state and non-state actors indulging in “nefarious” acts, thereby creating an atmosphere of mistrust and distrust.

As solutions to the global challenges of cyber security, the Indian diplomat said that countries cannot work in “isolation” and member states have to adopt a “collaborative” rules-based approach in cyberspace and work towards ensuring its openness, stability, and security.

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