Calicut native develops smart electric bike, may enter record books

Amidst the fuel price hike, a young man from Calicut comes up with a smart electric bike. Kadalundi Panakkathodi native Sajith Kolleri introduced a bike that can be started with a finger lock or Wi-Fi on phone instead of a key. The eco-friendly bike has several other features too.

The rider can move the smart bike only after wearing a helmet. If the person meets with an accident, the automatic accident call alert system on the bike will inform the news to the number registered on the bike. Apart from this, Sajith has arranged finger mode, GPS, Bluetooth music system, reverse gear, and fourth speed gear on the vehicle.

The smart bike can gain a speed of up to 60 kmph. It can run up to 90 kilometers if charged for 5 hours. Sajith’s bike has been considered for the Limca Book of Records for 2022 as it has the electric bike with the most features. Sajith graduated in electronics communication and is engaging in experiments during leisure time.

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