Camel brings books to the children in Pakistan amidst the Covid pandemic

A camel in Pakistan’s rural desert area ferries priceless cargo, books, for kids who are unable to go to school due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. When schools in Pakistan closed last year due to Covid, Roshan steeped into the fill the gap.

The camel named Roshan carries books to four different villages in the mountainous Balochistan region. Children are allowed to borrow books and return them the next time Roshan visits.

“When the Coronavirus spread the entire region, all schools were closed. There were depressions even for young and old ones. And there were no activities for the children in the region to do. we were wondering what we could do for the children. And to make them busy and to give them the benefit of learning, we started the project.” said Raheema Jalal, Head of Camel Library Project.

According to the news agency, the project is in collaboration with the Female Education Trust and Alif Laila Book Bus Society, two NGOs that have been running children’s library projects in the country for 36 years.

While most of the school-going children are told to continue their education from home, children staying in remote villages are finding it difficult to do so, due to the lack of access to technology.

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