Colossal malware attack hits hundreds of US companies

According to a cybersecurity firm, about 200 US businesses have been hit by a “colossal” ransomware attack.  Florida-based IT company in  Kasey was the target of the cyberattack, BBC reported. An investigation is underway on a potential attack.

Huntress Labs said it believed the Russia-linked REvil ransomware gang was responsible for the attack.

The cyber-breach emerged on Friday afternoon as companies across the US were clocking off for the long Independence Day weekend.

Ransomware attacks and supply chain attacks are major fear coming up now from the US.

Ransomware is the scourge of the internet. Multiple organized criminal gangs are constantly attempting to gain access to computer networks to hold them hostage. The rate of attack is relentless but it can take a lot of time and effort on the criminals part to successfully hijack one victim’s computer system.

Hackers showed that by going after the software supplier of multiple organizations they can pop dozens of victims in one go. This was thought after this incident.

Kaseya said one of its applications that runs corporate servers, desktop computers, and network devices might have been compromised in the attack.

The company said it was urging customers that use its VSA tool to immediately shut down their servers.

It is not clear what specific companies have been affected and a Kaseya representative contacted by the BBC declined to give details.

Kaseya’s website says it has a presence in over 10 countries and more than 10,000 customers.

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