Telangana overtakes Turkey; sets new world record by Planting 1 Million Sapling In an Hour

India is known for its diversity as well as its culture. The fertile land in each state of India gives its best to the people and provides the cultivation of different types of plants.

Telangana is one among the lands where the soil is so fertile and cultivation can be done in the rich land.

Over 30,000 TRS members participated in the one million saplings event that created the Guinness world record.

As part of the green challenge, Telangana’s Adilabad district planted one million saplings in an hour. And then set a new record for the largest such plantation anywhere in the world.

By observing the plantation, Wonder Book of Records appreciated the fellow workers and presented an appreciation certificate to the organizers. 

On the occasion, local MLA Jogu Ramanna, who celebrated his 58th birthday on the occasion, also donated two ambulances to RIMS hospital.

Almost five lakh saplings were planted in the ‘Miyawaki’ model in the degenerated forest that spread across 200 acres. During the event, the land was divided into ten sectors. Then over 30,000 TRS members including locals, Telangana’s forest, and environment minister A Indra Karan Reddy have participated.

In a span of 60 minutes, two lakh plants in Adilabad Rural Bela Mandal, 1,80,000 saplings in 45 houses in the urban region were planted. Volunteers ensured planting 1,20,000 saplings on either side of R and B road, ANI Reported.

Earlier the record was broke by Turkey in 2019 by planting 3.03 lakh saplings in one hour. It was done as part of a mass campaign that aimed at contributing to agriculture. And it was also to establish a greener landscape for future generations. This has found space in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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