Rise in food prices; Nigerian families struggle to survive

The global economy is now recovering from the coronavirus pandemic and as a result, there is inflation in the country.

The price of food also increased. The soaring prices are having dramatic consequences in countries like Nigeria. 

The number of people in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation with 210 million inhabitants is in poverty. Food prices have increased in Nigeria more than 22 percent since the start of the coronavirus crisis, according to official statistics.

For many people, feeding their families has become a daily challenge.

World Bank estimates Nigeria’s soaring inflation and food prices pushed seven million more people into poverty in 2021. Even before the pandemic and the surge in food costs, Nigeria’s figures on malnutrition were alarming.

“Every day, during consultations, there are five or seven children that suffer from malnutrition,” says Emiolo Ogunsola, head of the nutrition department at Massey Street children’s hospital in a poor district in Lagos Island.

In the country, One in three children suffered stunted growth due to a bad diet.

As a result, close to 17 million children in Nigeria are undernourished, giving the country the highest level of malnutrition in Africa and the second-highest in the world.

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