UAE temperature expects to hit 47°C, NCM warns of blowing dust

The weather in UAE in June-July is very much hotter and becomes worse. Every year UAE gets high temperatures during the summer season and the residents are used to it.  The weather on Thursday will be fair in general and dusty during the daytime, according to the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM). Some low clouds will appear over the east coast by morning and winds will be light to moderate, freshening at times causing blowing dust.

The maximum temperature is expected to hover around 44°C to 47°C in the interior regions, 40°C to 45°C along the coast, and 33°C to 38°C in the mountains.

It will be humid by night and on Friday morning over the coastal and internal areas.

The government advises the residents to take care of the situation and asks people to beware of blowing dust.

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