UP population control bill draft; Families with more than 2 children may not get govt schemes

Uttar Pradesh prepares for new population control legislation. After the new law on population control came into force, the government will not provide benefits on subsidies and state welfare schemes benefits. 

According to the draft law, they will not be able to apply for government jobs or contest local elections.

Speaking to India Today TV, Uttar Pradesh Health Minister Jai Pratap Singh said, “The population of the state has crossed 20 crore which is a matter of concern. During the last assembly session, some MLAs raised this issue. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also expressed concern over the population explosion in the country during his Independence Day speech in 2019.”

“There are provisions in some places of not providing benefits of the government schemes and prohibiting families with more than two children from contesting the panchayat polls. We are looking into it. We are also studying population policy of other states,” Jai Pratap Singh said.

Many point out that the new law is aimed at the Muslim community in the state.

Those who have more than two children after the law comes into force will be exempted from availing benefits from government welfare schemes. They cannot even apply for the jobs which come under the state government and those already working will get promotions further. Not even a single person will be relieved from the law. 

The law will come into force one year after the date of its publication in the Gazette. The government has decided to ensure benefits to promote 2 children-policy.

Benefits such as soft loans to buy or build a house at a moderate interest rate, water, electricity, and house tax relief are the benefits that have been proposed by the government.

Government employees who meet the two-child standard will receive two additional increments during their service. The father or mother is entitled to 12 months of paid maternity leave. In the meanwhile, the government has promised four additional increments for single children.

Single couples below the poverty line will be given a lump sum of Rs 80,000 for a boy and Rs 1,00,000 for a girl.

By the time the law comes into force, government employees with two children must ensure that there are no more children. Those who violate it will be fired from service.

At the same time, if more than one child is born a second time (twins), it is not considered illegal. Those who adopt a third child, if one of the two children is disabled, have three children will not be considered as violators. And those who have a third child following the death of a child will also be not considered violators.

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