World’s largest planetarium opens up in Shanghai

The world’s largest museum has been completed in Shanghai. The monumental new museum, which opens on July 18, 2021, is designed without straight lines or right angles, echoing the geometry of the universe and the dynamic energy of celestial movement.

Its dynamic form creates an immersive experience that places visitors in direct engagement with real astronomical phenomena.

The museum is 420000 square feet and conceived by US firm Ennead Architects, which in 2014 won an international competition to design the building.

The museum is a branch of the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum includes house exhibitions, a planetarium, an observatory, and a 78-foot-tall solar telescope. 

“We really thought that we could leverage the architecture to bring incredible impact to this whole experience,” said lead designer and partner Thomas J wong in a video interview.

For visitor attraction and design function, the museum is designed into three arcing shapes. This includes an oculus, sphere, and inverted dome, referencing the sun, moon, and stars.

Oculus is the main entrance. Here, the visitors can witness the motion of sunlight around the building which acts as a timepiece.

The enclosed sphere is the planetarium theater and it emerges like a moonrise.

A vast inverted glass dome on the roof’s apex gives visitors the chance to view the open night sky.

By anyway, Designers believe that the newly constructed world’s largest astronomy museum will attract viewers with its designer beauty. The construction was done so as to make people understand the special nature of the Earth as a place that hosts life.

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