Euro and Copa get over; Fan’s wait for club football matches

Fans wait for club football as the curtain falls on a month-long football championship. All the major clubs in Europe have already started their pre-season. Many clubs and warm-up matches will start this week.

The French League match starts on August 8. The English Premier League, Spanish League, and Bundesliga start on August 14. Prior to that, the Community Shield will be held in England. Leicester City and Manchester City face each other for the title.

Serie A will only launch on August 22nd. The transfer news will energize football fans until the start of the season. The football season in India is still months away. The Kolkata Football League, the Second Division I League, and the Durant Cup are expected soon.

The matches of Indian clubs in the AFC Cup are still unknown due to the corona threat. Until the start of the ISL and the I-League, the main focus of Indian football fans will be on European clubs and matches.

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