American Scientists develop wearable device that harvests sweat from fingertip

Inventions are being conducted in many parts of the world in many ways. Scientists still struggle to find new innovations that can help reduce the human workload.

Scientists have now come up with a new device that harvests sweat from your fingertip to generate power.

The flexible, thin strip wraps around the tip of a finger like a Band-Aid and converts chemicals found in human sweat into small amounts of electrical energy. Fingers constantly produce sweat, so the device can work without the wearer moving a muscle.

It can be worn while sleeping or doing other work. Pressing on the device will increase the amount of power it produces. This power can be used to operate small electronic devices.

The device was built to be highly absorbent. First, sweat is absorbed and converted into energy by padding of carbon foam electrodes. The electrodes have enzymes that trigger chemical reactions between lactate and oxygen molecules in sweat, generating electricity. There’s also a chip underneath the electrodes made of Piezoelectric material that generates more energy when pressed.

As a subject slept for 10 hours with the device on a fingertip, the wearable collected 400 millijoules of energy, which is enough to provide 24 hours worth of power to an electronic wristwatch (but not a smartwatch). The researchers note that strapping devices to additional fingertips would generate even more energy.

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