Facebook Messenger adds ‘soundmoji’ into the new feature list

Facebook introduces new features. Facebook’s new experiment is in emojis. The new feature includes emojis that sound when emojis are sent. This emoji is named ‘soundmoji’. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself made the announcement about the new feature.

To use Soundmoji, pick up emojis in the chatbox and click on the speaker on the right. Then all the emojis that come up are soundmojis.

Just tap on an emoji to preview the accompanying sound and then hit the “send” button to drop it into your conversation.

The initial batch of soundmoji, which is being released in the walkup to World Emoji Day on July 17, will include sounds such as a laugh track, clapping, crickets, drumrolls, and evil laughter.

Be sure to keep checking the list of emoji as time goes on. Facebook says it will update it “regularly” with new sounds.

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