cleaning workers can now take a break; France introduces jellyfishbot that cleans the sea

Pollution is the main problem everywhere in the world. Even if it is roads, cities, or water, pollution causes hectic headaches for living beings in and around.

Pollution in seas and oceans is not so common still makes a problem not only for the local ecosystem but also makes problem in the global level. For collecting the garbage from the seas and oceans, the french company Jadys created this robot jellyfish.

Tourists who visit the port of Cassis in southern France often see disturbing sights like plastic bags, discarded drink bottles and even used surgical masks, floating in the water. As a solution to this problem, the company introduced the robot jellyfish. It is also known as a sea cleaning robot.

The main feature of the jellyfishbot is that it can remove debris even by crossing rivers. 

All these activities are done with the nets attached to the device. These nets act like human hands and clean the waste. Once the waste is full, it can be cleaned and reattached to the boat. It can remove all petrol and oil from the water surface.

By 2020, 10 million tons of waste were discharged into water bodies around the world.

 This jellyfishbot now removes waste from about 15 ports in France. Apart from this, they plan to export the jellyfish boat to countries like Singapore, Japan, and Norway to make use of the boat there in the ports.

This invention is exactly a relief for the usual cleaning workers in the local area. In addition, it is also able to clean hydrocarbons from the surface of the water.

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