Tokyo Olympic village reports first Covid case prior to the Event

The greatest show on earth, Tokyo Olympics which is yet to start the event this month reported the first Covid case in the village. Tokyo Olympics is going to open after 6 days and the first Covid case was reported on prior to that, said, organizers.

organizers said an unnamed person had tested positive for coronavirus in the Village, where thousands of athletes and officials will stay during the Games. 

“There was one person in the Village. That was the very first case in the Village that was reported during the screening test,” Masa Takaya, spokesman for the Tokyo organizing committee, told a press conference.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics, postponed for a year due to the global pandemic, is being held mostly without spectators and under tight quarantine rules. 

Seiko Hashimoto, the chief organizer of the Tokyo 2020 Games, said: “We are doing everything to prevent any Covid outbreaks. If we end up with an outbreak we will make sure we have a plan in place to respond.” 

“Athletes who are coming to Japan are probably very worried. I understand that. That is the reason why we need to make full disclosure.”  she said.

More than 11000 athletes from 205 national Olympic committees are scheduled to compete in the Games. 

Japan has lagged behind Western countries in rolling out its vaccination drive. Only 20% of its population are fully vaccinated, compared to 48% in the United States and more than 52% in the UK.

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