Japanese superfan spends $40,000 on tickets in Tokyo Olympics

Many people dream and want to be a part of an Olympic event. The Tokyo Olympics which is going to take place on 23 july is now under discussion.

People who wish to go and take a seat in the gallery of the event is a bit of a difficult job.A Japanese superfan spends  $40,000 on 197 tickets for him and his friends, to cram in as many events as possible during Tokyo 2020.

“It took an unbelievable amount of time, effort, and passion,” Takishima told CNN. “But I was so passionate about the Olympics that even though it was very difficult and challenging, I enjoyed the process of buying the tickets.”

The 45-year-old real estate businessman worked out that if he watched all the events he had booked, he would have broken the Guinness World Record for attendance at Olympic events. He’ll now get a refund on the tickets he’s purchased.

Takishima’s love for the Olympics started in 2005 when he saw a figure skating competition for the first time and immediately bought tickets for the 2006 Torino Olympics in Italy. He was hooked.

Tokyo Olympics which is going to start this month is now taking greater steps to avoid the corona spread in the village.

Only members of the media and selected dignitaries will be allowed to watch the events at this year’s Games.

Takeshima believes the risks are low, especially when millions of people per day are still using the subway in Tokyo.

“(The) decision for banning spectators was made based on emotion rather than numbers,” Takishima said. “I think the European countries that held the soccer game made the right decision. I am really disappointed in the government and the Tokyo Olympics organizing committee.”

“The biggest difference between the UK and the US and Japan is that Japan is slow to make political decisions and unable to take risks,” he added.

Despite his disappointment, he says the experience won’t put him off being an Olympic superfan.

“I will continue to visit and support the Olympics until the day I die,” Takishima said. “While I’m still able to move, I plan to see all the Games from the opening to the closing (ceremonies). I can eventually beat the record.”

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