‘MOCCO’, the giant Olympic puppet arrives in Tokyo

Tokyo Olympics is all set to start the event this month and preparation in different sections of the Olympic village goes on.

To make the show more colorful, a ten-meter tall puppet which is part of the Tokyo Olympics cultural programs arrives from the Tsunami-hit Tohoku region.

Only six days left for the event to start at the venue and interestingly a puppet named MOCCO is also now a part of the program. The organizing committee held a cultural event “Rediscover Tohoku – MOCCO’s Journey from Tohoku to Tokyo” at a park in Tokyo.

The animated installation is the centerpiece of the Tokyo Olympics which is an official cultural program in the event.

MOCCO is the brainchild of children from the earthquake and tsunami that devastated the Tohoku region. This area was most affected by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

Its name was given by screenwriter Kankuro Kudo, who was inspired by “MOCCO’s Story,” a tale written by Japanese comedian and writer Naoki Matayoshi. AP

Mocco is an imaginary creature born from the land of Japan’s north-eastern region. It set off the journey in mid-May and stages a show in the park in downtown Tokyo. However, at the event, no spectators were allowed due to the Covid situation.

The organizers of the event believe that the Mocco puppet will bring people together. They also believe that it attracts more tourists to the Tohoku region.

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