Aiming for a pollution-free ocean, Students along with the headteacher dive and clean the sea in Dubai

Pollution is a major problem nowadays in and around the world. The sea is also getting polluted like the way the shore is.

Throwing plastic wastes into the sea and oceans will deposit there for a long time and get polluted.

Aiming to reduce the pollution in the ocean, a  group of students dive and remove waste that destroys marine habitats. They are reminding the public about the importance of marine conservation. In order to inculcate in the students the dangers of dumping waste into the water, their headteacher cleans the sea by diving with the students.

Gil Robert, principal of Star International School in Mirdif, Dubai, came up with the idea. The students and the teacher went to Jumeirah Beach to remove the debris. Most of the waste removed is plastic. They removed a lot of waste from the ocean, including plastic bottles, masks, and cigarette butts.

All the school staff including the headteacher are trained in sea diving.

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At the same time, this exemplary idea of ​​teachers and students is getting great support.

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