‘World’s fastest’, China’s super-fast Maglev train to open up for the public

China launches high-speed magnetic levitation maglev train which can reach speeds of 600 kilometers per hour.

The new train, self-developed by China and manufactured in the coastal city of Qingdao, uses maglev technology which allows it to travel so quickly. Using electromagnetic force, the maglev train “levitates” above the track with no contact between body and rail.

There has not been used with wheels on the rails in the traditional way. It is considered to be the fastest vehicle to run on land as it runs on a magnetic levitation system instead.

The development of China’s maglev, which comes in sets of five cars, began in 2016, with a successful trial run in June 2020. CRRC, the world’s biggest manufacturer of train cars, had been fine-tuning the maglev before Tuesday’s unveiling.

The debut of the superfast train could cut downtime for people traveling from Beijing to Shanghai to only 2.5 hours. That’s a distance of 754 miles and currently a 4.5-hour train ride on one of China’s bullet trains.

The vehicle can have 2 and 10 compartments which come between aircraft and existing high-speed trains. One compartment can carry up to 100 passengers. The test flight was successfully completed in June 2020.

China has been doing this on a few trains for the past two decades. However, there is a small maglev route from Shanghai Airport to the city.

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Countries from Japan to Germany are also looking to build maglev networks, although high costs and incompatibility with current track infrastructure remain hurdles to rapid development.

China’s newest train is expected to be ready for commercial use within the next decade.

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