Dr. Vidya Vinod; A true Inspiration for every Woman to Conquer Heights….

Women’s creativity and resilience have been widely discussed in our society and brought them from the shell in which they live.

In many fields, women are rising and their effort brings a change in society. ‘Beauty with brains’, ‘achievements above her age’, these quotes are given in many stories. Irrespective of the age barrier(even if it is at a teenage or young age), women are blooming like anything in our society.

When it comes to creativity and innovations, business doesn’t hold prejudice. Several approaches taken by stout female entrepreneurs have created strong waves in the business community. 

Here is yet another exceptional female entrepreneur who is currently a remarkable personality in India. 

Dr. Vidya Vinod ranks in the list of  Kotak Wealth-Huron India’s top 100 richest women in the country. Vidya, a native of Kannur, has been included in the list of self-made women rich in a report prepared by Kotak Wealth Management and Huron India. She has assets worth Rs 2,780 crore and she is ranked eighth among self-employed women entrepreneurs.

Dr.Vidya Vinod is a UAE-based Indian women entrepreneur.  She is the President and CEO of Study World Education Holding Group. Since 2012, the time she has been in business in UAE, Dr. Vidhya Vinod has opened subsidiary education organizations such as The Global College Malta and the Study World Education Holdings Ltd.

A well-built career

She grew up and did her schooling in Coimbatore. All her educational life was in India but later she could get to the Arab land and started her career there. She pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and a Master’s Degree in Computer Applications. Later she acquired her Doctorate in Management for the research topic “Entry of foreign Universities into Dubai.

She is the founder, CEO, and president of an educational organization called Study world which provides affordable international good quality education. Middle East’s largest successful university has graduated more than 10000 students. The university has branches in different corners of the world. Dr.vidya started her career as a teacher after that she slowly climbed up to a management position. She used to teach, used to do administration in her early stage of a startup. Later their organization was invited to set up a campus in Dubai. From there onwards, her journey started with educating 100 students to 5000 students globally.

Dr. Vidya Vinod

From her life experience, she shares some advice with those who wish to go abroad.  She states that the majority of youth or people who look for jobs overseas don’t have that kind of communication and they don’t express themselves adequately.  But one Should talk more, should be able to express inner traits more, especially those who like to work in the communication field. She says Language is not a barrier.

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She strongly believes in technology and according to her, artificial intelligence is the future and a blend of artificial intelligence and automation is going to make the world better. One of the youngest women CEOs in the region, Dr. Vidhya Vinod owns and manages over 25 different organizations.

Dr.Vidhya is married to Mr.Vinod Neethakandam and is a mother of 4 children.”I firmly believe that without achieving a work-life balance, we will not be able to succeed in any business. Being a mother of four and having a demanding career, I have had my fair share of sleepless nights,” says Dr.Vidya.

Through her ‘Hope for tomorrow’ initiative, Vidhya has raised money and supported several underprivileged children with education and medical facilities.

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