‘Commendable work’; Four-year-old girl dives in and removes waste from the sea

Inadvertently disposing of plastic waste creates major environmental problems in nature. Pollution of water is as deadly as other types of pollutions. This will adversely affect the survival of small marine flora and fauna. 

News has gone viral about four-year-old Nina Gomez. Nina gets applause by going to the sea with her father and removing the garbage. The idea that aquatic creatures, like humans, have the right to live on earth, prompted her to remove marine waste. The four-year-old Nina removes marine debris in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She has been doing this with the help of her father. Nina’s father in Gomez in 2017 made a film about the water bottom in Guanabara Bay. He has a clear knowledge of marine pollution.

Nina and her father travel on a paddleboard to the polluted sea in Guanabara Bay, Rio. While controlling the board on the Gomez pad, Nina routinely collects waste from the sea by hand. After the birth of her daughter, Gomez founded the Rio – based Institute, Mar Arboro. He later took his daughter with him in an effort to combat maritime disasters.

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By doing this, Nina’s idea is to raise awareness among others about the impact of dumping waste into the oceans.

“Fish and turtles die by dumping waste in the water. Fish and turtles also have the right to live with us in this world. So I am doing this to ensure their protection,” said Nina.

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