“Lighting the Olympic flame is an unforgettable moment”: Naomi Osaka

Tokyo Olympics 2020 officially started on the 23rd of July after a long time wait.

Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka on Friday lit the Olympic cauldron to mark the formal start of the Tokyo Olympics. The event was conducted with no spectators at the venue but celebrated as a moment of global hope.

Naomi Osaka says that being able to lit the cauldron at the Olympic opening ceremony is the greatest achievement of her career so far. Osaka has shared a post on social media and she was excited while talking about the unforgettable experience in her career ever.

Osaka said she would be very happy and grateful to have had this moment. She shared her love and gratitude to all in her post.

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Osaka kicked off the Olympics by lighting the Olympic torch in a costume that marked her legacy at the Kovid-era opening ceremony in Tokyo. From now on, Osaka will be trying to achieve a golden achievement for her homeland. The ceremony climaxed with a fusion of traditional kabuki theatre – with its elaborate makeup and costumes – and piano improvisation, on a stage topped with the cauldron for the Olympic flame.

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