‘It’s a hat trick victory…..’; Malayalee Sumod Damodar to play a key role in the world cricket

Sumod Damodar will play a key role in international cricket. He has been elected to the chief executive committee of ICC. This is the third time he has been elected to the committee.

Sumod, with his hard work and determination, could prove himself again during the 2021-23 term election for the Chief Executive Committee. Along with Sumod Damodar, Rashid Bajwa (Cricket Canada) and Mubashir Usmani (Emirates Cricket Board) were also elected to the Executive Committee.

The election for the Associate Representatives of the Chief Executives Committee (CEC) started on July 19. The election went for four days and it culminated on July 23. Due to the Covid pandemic, the election was conducted online and Sumod Damodar, Rashid Bajwa, Mubashir received the most votes in the election. Total 44 members marked their votes in the election and of the 44 are 39 Voting Associates and five zonal representatives from the non-voting associates from Asia, Europe, East Asia-Pacific, Africa, and America. Normally, each voter will have to cast votes for three candidates in order of preference. These members will be elected for a term of two years. There were 10 candidates from all 5 continents and the competition was intense.

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Sumod Damodar became the first Malayalee to be elected to the Executive committee of ICC. During 2017-2019, he had been elected to the Annual ICC Conference held in London, and thereby he created history.

Sumod was the second-highest voter in the 2017 elections. Bermuda’s Neil Speight received 23 votes while Sumod received 20 votes. Then in 2019, Sumod was re-elected to the same committee.

It was in 1993, Damodar made his debut for the Botswana national cricket team in the Zone VI Tournament held in Zambia. He also became the Secretary-General of the Zone VI Cricket Committee, during this period. In 1997 he represented the national team at another Zone VI tournament in Zimbabwe. By 1998, he gave up playing cricket and decided to focus on the administrative side.

From 1998 to date, he holds the position of Secretary of Fixtures and Publicity for the Botswana Cricket Association (BCA). Alongside this, he was also the Chairman of the Gaborone Cricket Club (GCC) for 11 consecutive years, from 1999 to 2010. Mr. Damodar even went with the Under-15 national team as a manager for the first-ever ICC Africa tournament in Zambia, in 2001.

With his perseverance, he was appointed as the Finance Director of the Africa Cricket Association in 2003. In the same year, he also became the first recipient of the “Non-Citizen Sports Award” for 2002 at the Barloworld-BNSC Sports Awards. He played an integral part in getting Botswana elected as an Associate Member in the 2005 ICC Annual Conference, as well as the formation of the Afro-Asia Cricket Cooperation and Cup, in London. 

This is the third time consecutively Mr.Damodar has been elected, previously being 2017-19 and 2019-21. Thus he gets a hat trick victory and makes history again.

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