Argentina Corfo lagoon turns stunning stinky pink; Experts research on the phenomenon

Pictures of the pink lakes are getting a lot of attention even on social media now. A lagoon in Argentina has turned bright pink due to pollution, a development that has alarmed environmentalists.

Corfo Lagoon has turned dark which is Located in the Argentine ecological region of Patagonia.

 Corfo Lagoon may look cool right now, the reason for its colorful appearance is anything but natural. Experts and activists say the bright pink color is due to an excess of sodium sulfite, a preservative that’s used on shrimp.

In addition to Lake Corpo Lagoon, the water in the area’s rivers and streams, etc are also getting a color change.

There are several fish processing industries in the area. The main cause of water pollution in these areas is improper treatment of waste and dumping of waste into rivers and other sources.

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The Corfo Lagoon sits on the Chubut River and the fishing industry provides thousands of jobs in the region. In the meanwhile, there are some instances of naturally occurring, brightly colored lakes in the world. Among the lakes, The most beautiful is Lake MacDonald in Australia. It is also one of the most intense pink lakes in the country. The pink color of these lakes is not due to the overflow of pollutants. Australia is home to a number of bubblegum-pink lakes, which contain algae that feed off saltwater and turn the lakes their distinctive hue.

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