New updates!!! Google map for iOS gets dark mode, widgets, and live locations

Google Maps has announced three updates to its iOS app, including widgets, built-in dark mode, and live location said in a blog. According to the blog post, Google said that the new features would be available this month. It has no exact specified date. 

This feature will be available in native iMessage, from the live location feature. To use this feature, look for the Google Maps symbol in the shortcut menu and share the location. The software giant explains that the user’s location is shared by default for an hour, with the option of extending it for up to three days. To end sharing, tap the Stop button on the thumbnail.

One of the updates includes Dark mode and the Mode for iOS users will help using Google Maps at night. To turn on the Dark Mode, a user needs to go to the settings menu, locate the Dark Mode and tap ‘on’. Another option to change between dark and light mode will also be available. 

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Other features coming to Google Maps on iOS are widgets and location-based inputs. Using the Google Map widget, iOS users will be able to set up quick toggles such as Home, Work, Restaurants, and Gas. Additionally, there is a Google Maps search box at the top. Based on its location-based feed, Google Maps on iOS will also be able to predict traffic conditions near a user. The shortcuts in the widget are customized as per user preferences and other factors like location, places, past searches, and interests.

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