Vaccination compulsory to go to shops; Kerala govt stands strong on the condition

The Kerala government makes a strong stand that vaccination certificates are mandatory to go to the shops. The health minister said there was no contradiction in the order requiring a certificate to be issued. The Health Minister said that the statement was issued as a matter of public importance under rule 300.

Opposition leader VD Satheesan alleged that the Chief Secretary’s order was contrary to what the Minister had said. The opposition leader said this was an order to keep people away from shops. VD Satheesan said that the official misconduct was the unscientific nature of the Covid defense and that the police were crucifying the people through the fine. The opposition leader also said that people should be ready to cope up with the current situation.

There was confusion on the matter and opposition left the assembly.

The police did not start the investigation as they were not instructed on how to conduct the inspection on the vaccination certificate check.

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