Lakshadweep Tourism; Maldives style water villas soon in the land

Amid the protests and news over the administration of Lakshadeep, interesting and good news also arises from the island, especially for the travelers. 

In recent news, Lakshadweep will soon be home to Maldives-style water villas. The three premium projects will come up in the Minicoy, Kadmat, and Suheli islands at a cost of Rs 800 crore. The administration has already floated global tenders recently.

Based on the location suitability analysis, Minicoy, Kadmat, and Suheli have been selected for the project.

1.Minicoy- 150 keys, and project to cost around INR 319 crore

2.Suheli- 110 keys, and project to cost around INR 247 crore

3.Kadmat- 110 keys, and INR 240 crore to be used in the project

The authorities further claimed that the scientific approach that will be adopted during each stage of the project will ensure that it strikes a balance between the need to enhance livelihood opportunities of the locals and protection of the fragile corals’ ecosystem.

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Administrator Praful Khoda Patel tweeted that the solar-powered villas will be built on world-class facilities. Villas built in public-private partnership adopt the design, build, finance, operating, and transfer methods. The goal is to get a full refund within 75 years. Along with the luxurious accommodation, these resorts also offer a variety of adventure activities for the tourists. The authorities hope that with the addition of luxury resorts along with the natural beauty, the face of the island will change on the tourist map.

Recently, the Maldives became Indian tourist’s favorite destination, especially Bollywood celebrities. The destination became popular for its luxurious water villas and tropical activities. By adopting a similar pattern of luxury water villas from the Maldives, officials believe that Lakshadeep’s tourism will once again get boosted up.

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