Bear spotted inside Los Angeles grocery store; Video goes viral

A video showing a black bear walking through a Los Angeles-area grocery store on Saturday has gone viral. The video has been viewed more than 400,000 times.

The bizarre scene happened at Ralph’s grocery store in the Porter Ranch suburban neighborhood of Los Angeles. 

A separate video obtained by KCBS-TV, the area’s CBS affiliate, showed the bear roaming around some other aisles, while officers chase it out of the front doors of the grocery store.

Shoppers at the venue are visible in the video, seeming completely unfazed as the bear strolls down an aisle. 

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Fox News reported that the bear had wandered into the store and the employees eventually stood far away from the bear.

Once the 120-pound bear was out of the store, it was then recorded in a construction area behind a nearby Walmart, where it hid under a trailer while officers waited for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services to arrive, local sites reported.

Shoppers were also shocked to see the bear, and some even tried to pet and feed it, KCBS-TV reported. David Balen, who is on the Porter Ranch Neighborhood Council, told the station that he thought the video was “amazing.”

Nobody was hurt in the incident, the station reported.

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