Nasa invites applications to live on Mars-like habitat for a year

NASA has opened applications to participate in a year-long Mars habitat simulation as part of its plan to put humans on the red planet by 2037. The conditions on Mars are being artificially created and studied. NASA will select four people to stay here for a year. With this, NASA will study how highly motivated individuals respond under the rigor of a long-duration, ground-based simulation.

The series of missions – known as Crew Health and Performance Exploration Analog – includes three one-year Mars surface simulations based at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. The analogs will support research to develop methods and technologies to prevent and resolve potential problems on future human spaceflight missions to the Moon and Mars.

NASA will create challenges and a team will be formed to analyze and to learn how to respond to equipment breakdowns, communication crises, and environmental challenges.

“Simulations on Earth will help us understand and counter the physical and mental challenges astronauts will face before they go,” said  Grace Douglas, lead scientist for NASA’s Advanced Food Technology research effort.

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Meanwhile, the opportunity for applying to the mission is for the US citizens or those who have settled in the United States as per the current report. NASA is looking for healthy, motivated applicants who are non-smokers, aged 30 to 55 years old, and proficient in English for effective communication between crew and mission control. Crew selection will follow standard NASA criteria for astronaut candidate applicants.

Candidates who have completed two years of work toward a doctoral program in STEM, or completed a medical degree, or a test pilot program will also be considered. Additionally, with four years of professional experience, applicants who have completed military officer training or a Bachelor of Science in a STEM field may be considered.

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