27 certificates including voter id cards can be downloaded on smartphones now

Digitalizing everything, especially certificates, made it easier to handle things. As per the new update, The election identity card and 27 other certificates issued by the revenue office can be downloaded on smartphones now.

The national voters service portal is the site where one can apply for voter identity cards online. The application reaches the taluk office first and from there it reaches a village office. A village officer transfers it to a booth-level officer for verification. The BLO, after scrutinizing the details, sends the application back to the Taluk office through the village office. 

The applicant will be issued a voter identity card by post after the above process is complete. It can be downloaded from the site as well. The downloaded cards can be laminated. This facility will help the ones who are trying to add their name to the voter’s list.

E-district certificates

The 27 certificates issued through the e-district portal can also be downloaded by phone. After the verification is over, an applicant will get an approval message on the phone containing a link, upon clicking the link certificates can be downloaded.

Earlier, for getting the print of voter id, one has to go to the nearest Akshaya centre. By applying online might accomplish the complete procedure simpler and faster.

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The idea was given by the officers from Malappuram district in a meeting conducted to discuss steps to make revenue offices more accessible by the land revenue commissioner, the minister, and the officers.

Other certificates such as certificates showing income, caste, nativity, one and same, ownership, etc. can be downloaded via mobile phones and will prove to be quite helpful for students and other people during the COVID time.