Rare 90 feet-long Blue Whales spotted in Monterey Bay in the US

A boatload of tourists on the Monterey Bay observed rare blue whales of 90 feet long, a short boat ride from Monterey Harbour. The Monterey Bay Whale agency posted on Facebook about the same and the video of these whales g viral. The tourists also spotted a large pod of 40-foot humpbacks just a short boat ride from Monterey Harbor.

Blue whales are most likely to be observed in Monterey Bay during the summer and fall seasons. From June through October, they feed off the coast of California. The California central coast contains the world’s largest percentage of blue whales, with a total population estimate of 10,000 mammals.

“Most people have never seen a blue whale,” said Nancy Black, marine biologist, and owner of Monterey Bay Whale Watch. “In past years you had to be lucky. Blue whales were not very predictable. But right now they are here, and we know why.”

Blue whales prefer to swim and eat away from shore, making onshore sightings unusual. The best method to see blue whales is to go on a whale-watching boat. Moss Landing and Monterey both provide whale-watching cruises.

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Blue whales are recognized as the biggest mammals on earth and they are twice the length of a city bus. They can live 90 years and reach 110 feet.

But there is a recurring issue with this circle of life -the whales get hit by ships. This has been a problem this year as well. A whale-watching boat is more likely to come to a halt so that passengers may see the whales, while a commercial boat captain is far less likely to care. If these whales can stay away from commercial vessels, they will be able to live for many years.