WhatsApp to launch new messaging feature soon; will let users react to messages

WhatsApp is working on introducing more new features nowadays. Its android or ios version or Beta version are working to bring new added features into its list. WhatsApp has started working on a new message feature that will allow users to send reactions to messages. The feature will let you react to messages. You can place an emoji on a message to express what you feel about it. The message reactions feature is already available on Instagram, Twitter, iMessage.

According to WABetainfo, the instant messaging platform’s move is an unexpected one, considering how WhatsApp has been working on introducing new features over the past few months but has not done the same for its messaging functions. 

“You already know what a reaction is: it’s usually an emoji that you can place on a message to express emotions. Instagram, Twitter, iMessage already support message reactions and today we can start to discover the progress of their development,” Wabetainfo report said.

WhatsApp, as per WABetainfo, is working on introducing a message to present when the user is using an outdated version of the app that does not support receiving reactions. In such cases, users will not be able to see the reactions that have been sent to them but will be notified by WhatsApp about the reactions they have received on their messages. The screenshot shared by WABetainfo does not reveal how the emojis appear. The feature was spotted on WhatsApp beta for Android. However, WhatsApp will release the feature for both Android and iOS users. The report reveals that the feature is at the beginning stage and is working on it.