Your smartphone can cause health problems; Here are the tips to avoid ‘Smartphone Elbow’

Regardless of age, in today’s world, everyone uses smartphones for various purposes. If you spend a lot of time chatting on your phone, you may develop a cell phone elbow, called cubital tunnel syndrome. By extension, your wrists can also be impacted by the way you hold your phone. your fingers and thumb can start to cramp or become inflamed. This condition is called the smartphone finger. Sitting for a prolonged time in front of mobile phones can lead to neck pain and many other health problems.

Although smartphones have made our lives easier, an increasing number of people have complained of finger, hand, and elbow pain as a result of using their devices. In non-medical terms, these conditions have been referred to as smartphone elbow.

The main way to prevent such pain is to use the smartphone properly. Studies have shown that a lot of lighter models are better to use- phones between 130 and 160 grams are recommended. Those weighing less than 130 are harder to type with.

Here are the tips from experts to avoid smartphone elbow:

  1. Swap ears-Don’t spend the whole call with your phone held to one ear. Swap ears at least every 10 minutes, or more if you’re feeling pain or tension.
  2. Walk and walk- Experts say this sort of pain can come about more so from a lack of activity than poor posture. Generally you need to make sure you are moving quite often to keep the blood flowing.
  3. Sponge Ball – Hold a smiley ball in your hand and squeeze it in between when you are using smartphones.
  4. Hand and forearm stretches- Stretch the palms forward and backward with the fingers straight. Stretch hands holding both together.
  5. Fold and straighten a rubber band around the fingers.
  6. Try heatApplying a heat pack to your sore elbows can help relieve the pain. Heat can help in most cases as long as it’s not an inflammatory condition, experts say. If there is noticeable pain afterwards or it’s not getting better, consult a doctor.
  7. Use handsfree- Anyone spending a lot of time on the phone needs to invest in a handsfree headset if you want to protect your elbows. You don’t need to hold your hand up to your ear if you are on the phone all the time.