Floating Garden; DJB cleans and rejuvenates Sanjay Van lake in Delhi

Beautifully arranged gardens are always an attraction and a visual treat to our eyes. There are many such gardens that look amazingly beautiful in the world. One such garden is located in India. Sanjay Van Lake is home to one unique garden which floats in the lake. A unique water filter was installed to clean Delhi’s Sanjay Van Lake and now it has around 4000 species of plants floating rafters set up in the lake. 

Sanjay van Lake is one of the five lakes where this concept of floating wetland islands is being implemented, the others being at Rani Khera, Jaffarpur Kalan, Nangloi, and Sonia Vihar. The Delhi Development Authority and the Water Board have set up a floating garden and cleared the reservoir of waste.

The DJB is working on its rejuvenation with a combination of wetland and aeration. Though it is under the jurisdiction of the DDA, CM Arvind Kejriwal approved funding from the Delhi government budget for its rejuvenation in 2018. Fifty such water bodies will be ready by December 2021,” said a senior DJB official.

Sanjay Van Lake covers an area of ​​6,000 square feet. The garden is built in such a way that it flows in the lake. With this, the water became more beautiful in view and none can now think of dumping waste materials in the beautiful lake anymore. Meanwhile, the government is trying and aiming to beautify many lakes in Delhi, both in large and small lakes.