Covid-19: Saudi Arabia announces free extension of visas in the country

Iqama, visit visas, and exit and re-entry visas will be extended automatically without fees or charges until November 30, announced Saudi Arabia. The expatriates who are outside the country now will benefit from this.

The extension of validity of iqamas has been started by the General Directorate of Passports in the country. A tweet by Saudi official news agency SPA said the visit visas and exit and re-entry visas without fees for all expatriates extended until November 30.

Amid Covid waves, many were stranded in some places and couldn’t travel back to their work or resident area. The free extension of the validity of iqamas and exit and re-entry visas is applicable to the residents from the countries from where entry is suspended and are stuck outside the country. The validity of visit visas is also extended for the visitors from where entry is suspended to Saudi Arabia because of Covid-19.

The extension, issued by the Ministry of Finance, is among the Kingdom’s moves to deal with the effects and consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. The National Information Centre will also cooperate with this movement. The General Directorate of Passports said that the extension will be carried out automatically with their help. Then there will not be a need to visit the departments of passports.