426 punches in a minute! 24-year-old Keralite breaks Guinness World Record

Proud moment for Kerala as a 24-year-old makes a world record by doing 426 punches in one minute. Rafhan Umar, a huge fan of popular martial artist Bruce Lee, broke all records in the world so far and could set a new record in the stretch punch category by hitting 426 times in just one minute. 

The Guinness World Record-setting performance was held at the Kozhikode Indoor Stadium. The video and testimonial have been submitted to Guinness World Records for final approval. Rafhan hit a minimum of seven punches per second, at 426 punches per minute.  The video, which was filmed one minute in a row, was later quickly shortened to count the punches. This video and the testimony signed by the eyewitnesses will be sent to the Guinness Book of World Records for recording.  

With this achievement, Rafhan could break the World Record which was set by Slovakian Pavel Trusov with 334 punches per minute. Rafhan said that he has been continuously following practices in stretch punch. “I don’t consider it only as an effort to achieve my aim instead it is my happiness that paved the way for the world record,” he further said to Twentyfour news.

Rafhan Umar is one of the four children of Rajees and Firuz in KK House, Velliparambu. He has also looked a hand in boxing and he is also a trainer at the Metal Gymnasium near the Civil Station. Rafhan who is known as Indian Bruce Lee has already broken his own record of 414 stretch punches acquired months ago and acquired a place in India’s book of records.