Blood Plasma therapy ineffective in critically ill Covid-19 patients: Study

A study published in the journal Nature Medicine found that convalescent plasma therapy is ineffective in preventing symptom severity and death in covid patients. After the therapy is done on some Covid patients, it was clear that people receiving the therapy experienced more serious adverse events than those getting standard care.

Convalescent plasma therapy is the treatment of Covid patients using plasma in the blood from people who have recovered from an illness. Researchers also show that people who receive therapy often face more serious conditions than those who receive regular treatment. The treatment has been done for 940 patients from 72 hospitals in Brazil, Canada, and the US. The research also found that the antibody profile in the blood of people who have had the virus is extremely variable and this may modify the response to the treatment. The researchers believe that this may affect the health condition to worse. After the treatment, it was found that the majority of people affected with plasma therapy with an increased need for oxygen and worsening respiratory failure.

Donald Arnold, a professor at McMaster University in Canada said “It has been thought that the blood plasma of Covid-19 survivors would help those seriously ill from the virus but, unfortunately, it does not.” Philip Begin, a professor at the University of Montreal in Canada, who led the study, said he would join hands with international scientists to study the theory in detail.