An array of new records features in Guinness World Record 2022 edition

The Guinness World Records features an array of records and feats in its latest edition. The Guinness World Records 2022 is released on September 16 adding new features such as fastest walking on hands and the most skips over a person’s own hair in 30 seconds.

A woman who can skip with her hair, dog with the longest ears, world’s tallest teenager, etc is some of the standouts included in the latest edition of the Guinness World Records. There are incredible achievements which were recorded in the world records and the new edition features it.

Zion Clark, an American who was born without legs, took the record for fastest 20 metres walking on hands and he achieved the feat in 4.78 seconds. Moreover, he aims to become part of the Olympic (wrestling) and Paralympic (wheelchair racing) Games in 2024.

Indian world record holder is another talent, Pratik Mohite from Maharashtra became the shortest competitive bodybuilder (male), standing at 3ft 4in (102cm). Mohite began bodybuilding after seeing the sport as a representation of being fit and strong.

Laetitia Ky, from Abidjan in Ivory Coast, holds the record for the most skips over a person’s own hair in 30 seconds. It was said in a statement by Guinness record that Laetitia braided her natural hair and then added extensions to form the ‘rope’ and with this rope, she achieved her victory with 60 skips.

A Canadian dog and cat duo, Lollipop and Sashimi, became the fastest dog and cat duo to travel 5m on a scooter, achieving the feat in 4.37 seconds. At the same time, American Paige Olsen’s dog Lou took the record for longest ears at 34 cm long.

Apart from this achievement, the book has several other marvelous and remarkable achievements. The book also has chapters including environmental champions, pop culture icons, and sporting heroes.