Crime rates against women, children fell in 2020, disobedience cases rose intensely: NCRB report

According to the latest data on ‘Crime in India’ released by the National Crime Records Bureau, the rate of crime against women and children, among others found to be fewer in 2020 than the previous year. Meanwhile, the rise could be seen in communal riots and reported a rise in disobedience to government orders.

The coronavirus pandemic and the resulted lockdown has led to a drop in crimes like robbery, assault on women and children, etc. But the communal riots registered an increase of 96% in 2020 similarly, caste riots saw an increase of close to 50%.

According to NCRB, the ‘Crime in India 2020” has a total of 66,01,285 identified crimes comprising 42,54,356 Indian Penal Code (IPC) crimes and 23,46,929 Special and Local Laws (SLL) crimes which were registered in 2020.

There occurred a drop of about 2 lakh registered cases for crimes against women, children, and senior citizens, theft, burglary, robbery, and dacoity, among others. While, murder registered a marginal increase of 1% with a total of  29,193 cases even as offenses falling under the category of “violent crimes” decreased by 0.5%.

The rise in cases of disobedience is the first in the list with an almost a 21-fold jump recorded to the order duly promulgated by a public servant. It was over four times in cases involving violations of other State local laws, according to an NCBC report.
In 2020, a total of 91,739 kidnapped or abducted people were rescued, of which 91,458 people were rescued alive and 281 were found dead. Also, a total of 3,71,503 cases of crime against women were registered during 2020, showing a decline of 8.3 percent over 2019 (4,05,326 cases). It was recorded 1,28,531 cases of crime against children were during 2020.