Children to avail new vaccine that fights pneumonia

As part of a worldwide immunization campaign, Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine will be administered to children less than two years of age. Kerala and other states will vaccinate children with the new vaccine, Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine against pneumonia. It was found that giving the vaccine is safe and effective in children to fight against pneumonia. The bacteria which is the reason for pneumonia will lead to severe cases of pneumonia. The bacteria will infect the blood, ear, and sinus and also causes meningitis.

Kerala health minister Veena George told that the training for medical officers and health workers is in progress and the impact at the time of inoculation has been identified. The PCV is administered to children at one and a half months and then at three and a half months and it is given in three doses worldwide.  Also, a booster dose will be given after one year. However, guidelines regarding the same are yet to be published.

Out of 1000 kids, 7 die due to pneumonia in India, and among them, 30 percent were affected by pneumococcal pneumonia. With the introduction of the new vaccine, other diseases which cause infant deaths in the country might get reduced to some extent. Moreover, the Centre will distribute it free of cost to all the states.