80-year-old Kerala man cycles to reach mountain 17,600 Ft above sea level

An 80-year-old cyclist from Thrissur, Kerala conquered his dream destination Khardung La, Ladakh, a point 17,600 ft above sea level on his cycle. The destination is a point where all motorists wish to reach. Jose started his journey on July 15 and reached his destination by 11 September. In between, he just took a halt to celebrate his 80th birthday.

He got stuck at Leh after an unexpected snowfall and when the weather improved, he continued his journey to the destination. His audacious decision is exactly an inspiration for all the motorcyclists as well as many other travelers. 

Jose is a former plumber at Thrissur medical college.  Jose could achieve his dream after giving up his old habits. Jose spoke about how he was previously addicted to smoking and drinking and how he gave up those habits in 1983. Earlier, before his journey to the destination, Jose had achieved a rare feat of running 10,000 metres in 39 minutes and 8 seconds, and the news was all over the papers back in the day. After taking his doctor’s advice, he quit his smoking and drinking habit. Jose said, I shouldn’t be a fool or shouldn’t waste my talent and that I quit smoking and drinking.”
As a companion, Gokul PR from Thrissur accompanied Jose and spoke about the challenges Jose had towards the end of his journey. “Jose could not cycle for about 5 km when his internal oxygen level dipped, which is quite common at high altitude locations. He managed to cycle the last 1 km,” Gokul said. Jose also showered all his praises over the military support staff at Khardung La. He said” Many of us don’t realize the extreme hardships that they endure here to protect our nation. I completed the trip only with their support.”