India records its highest average broadband speed of 62.45Mbps: Ookla speed test report

Amid the Covid surge in India, news on the emergence of Internet usage in the country is a positive report, and the country maintained growth in the overall fixed broadband download speeds. According to the report of the Global Internet Testing Agency, Ookla, the speed of the internet in India has improved significantly. So far, India was able to achieve an average speed of 62.45 Mbps,  the highest data India has ever seen to date and it was recorded in August.

India’s overall performance in mobile download speeds also registered a slight increase from 17.77 Mbps in July 2021 to 17.96 Mbps. Nevertheless, India is not even in the top 100 countries in terms of international internet speeds.  It is also another fact that India lags behind the poorest countries in the world.  The UAE tops the list of mobile internet speeds for August 2021 and UAE also topped the previous rankings.  The average download speed in the UAE is 195.52 Mbps and the average upload speed is 26.94 Mbps. According to reports, the global average download speed is 56.74 Mbps and the upload speed is 12.61 Mbps. Moreover, Singapore also tops in the list of highest mobile broadband speed.

In the global ranking for mobile speeds, the country dropped from 122 to 126 in terms of ranking, owing to the better performance shown by countries like Uzbekistan, Colombia, Belarus, and Côte d’Ivoire.

In August 2021, Cuba and Liberia along with the Marshall Islands also registered the highest growth in mobile download speed and fixed broadband speed respectively. The report of these speed data has been taken by the Ookla testing agency and it has been doing the test every year.

The speed is expected to surge up further in the coming months with the improvement of 4G services later in the country. Meanwhile, Pakistan, which lags far behind in terms of development ranks 120th in the list of mobile internet speeds.  The average internet speed in Pakistan is 19.79 Mbps and upload is 11.08 Mbps, while the average internet speed in Nigeria is 105th on the list with 23.59 Mbps download and 9.47 Mbps upload.  According to Tai, only Geo Network in India offers speeds above 15 Mbps but all other telecom companies offer speeds below 10 Mbps. China ranks 5th in the list of most Internet users, at the same time last year, China was ranked 35th.  South Korea is second on the list. Internet speed in South Korea is 192.16 Mbps and Norway – 173.54ABPS, Qatar – 169.17Mbps, Saudi Arabia – 149.95 Mbps respectively.