Pilot and passengers jump out as two planes collide mid-air; Old video once again goes viral

An old video of a 2013 skydiving plane collision reappeared on Twitter, fetching the attention of millions of viewers. The video shows the moment two skydiving planes collided mid-air, forcing the pilots and passengers to jump to safety.

It was seen that one plane crash-landed on the ground while the other made the way back to the runway. Surprisingly, it was reported that neither the passengers nor the pilots in the plane suffered injuries. 

According to CNN, the crash happened near Lake Superior, Wisconsin in November 2013. As per the report, the two planes were flying close together and the divers on the two planes were planned to jump in formation. The skydiving instructor Mike Robinson explained the incident in detail to the media later.

According to Firefighter Vern Johnson, the lead pilot said his windshield shattered and he heard a loud noise before he jumped. The plane crashed into the air, but fortunately, it was full of skydivers, who managed to be secured with the parachute.

The scary video shows the moment the two small Cesnas carrying the skydivers after colliding together bursting into flames. footage of the incident has been widely shared across the internet. The video of the incident which occured eight years ago has once again gone viral on social media.

Social media users commented and shared the video on Twitter. Some others commented, “shocked to hear everyone survived.”