Two teachers from Kerala build 150 houses for the homeless in 6 years

Two teachers, Sister Lissie Chakkalkal, the Principal of Our Ladies Convent Girls’ Kochi, and Lily Paul, another teacher at the same school decided to build a house for one of the school’s students who had become homeless. Thenceforth, they started their mission to build 150 houses over the last six years for homeless people.

Both of the teachers got together, raised funds, and built a home for the student first. The teachers raised the initial funds for a 600 square feet house for the student. They had initiated the plan because the student had lost her father who was a mason and the family had no income.

“We have seen the plight of many of our students and decided to initiate the mission which has now become part of the school. A society with no homeless people is the mission,” Sister Lissie Chakkalakkal told to media.

As per the reports, each house costs between Rs 6-10 lakh and is built on one or two-cent plots. They said they have planned to initiate the mission by prioritizing the students. The priority was based on those who have families with women, children, widows, and ailing members. With this mission, they could help 80 students in their specific school to get homes.

Moreover, the mission has contributors from different sections of society like daily wage laborers and industrialists. Staff, parents, students, and former students also regularly contribute to the scheme. The teachers said they received a donation of 70 cents of land to build the houses and the majority of houses were built in Kochi, Kerala. The teachers further added that many organizations and schools have come forward so far to help the homeless people taking inspiration from them.