Woman in saree denied entry at Delhi restaurant; Restaurant issues clarification after the video went viral

A woman alleged that she was denied entry into a restaurant for wearing an Indian saree. Journalist Anitha Chaudhary posted the video on social media. The incident happened at a restaurant named Aquila Delhi, situated at August Kranti Marg. The woman has also posted a short video of a restaurant employee saying that only those wearing smart casual clothes will be allowed in and those wearing sarees will not be allowed in. Later, there was a widespread protest against the restaurant on social media and elsewhere regarding the same. After the incident was discussed, the restaurant authorities came to the scene with an explanation.

Journalist Anita Chaudhry posted the video taken in front of the restaurant in Delhi with the statement, “Listen attentively to this video as there is a restaurant in Delhi, where a saree is not a decent costume.” She also took Twitter to post the video saying “Saree is not allowed in Aquila restaurant as Indian Saree is now not a smart outfit. What is the concrete definition of a Smart outfit plz tell me. Please define smart outfit so I will stop wearing saree,” and tagged several ministers.

The netizens who have watched the video criticized the restaurant for its dress code policy. After a long dispute, Aquila’s management said in an affidavit that they wanted to remain silent, but explained that the situation was unfavorable. The officials explained that their practice was to promote the heritage and culture of India and that they were giving access to all kinds of clothing they described and there it occurred a dispute related to reservations. “We believe in utmost transparency and are hence attaching snippets of people who have visited our restaurant in a traditional dress code previously,” the restaurant claimed in a statement.