Wrestler Zion Clark break world record as the fastest man on two hands

One of the most unique athletes in the world, Zion Clark achieved the world record for the fastest 20m on hands. With his determination and courage, he made it as one of the new entrants in the latest edition of the Guinness World Records.

Zion Clark completed the fastest 20m walking on two hands, covering the distance in 4.78 seconds. The 23-year-old, born without legs, is a former wrestler at Massillon High School and Kent State University. Zion attempted the fastest 20m walking on hands, on 15 February 2021 at his former high school gym in Massillon, Ohio, USA. Clark said it is a lesson he learned from one of his wrestling coaches that guides him.

There are many standout stars in the latest 2022 Guinness edition. One among those includes Zion Clark. Alongside Clark, Laetitia Ky, from Abidjan in Ivory Coast, and Paige Olsen’s dog Lou, a dog also take their place as standout stars in 2022 world records.

After achieving the record, Clark posted on Instagram “I can finally announce that I am officially a Guinness World Record Holder!.” He continued to overcome his disability and developed enough physical strength to become an excellent freestyle wrestler. Clark continues to push himself beyond his limits to achieve his goals and he inspires everyone by a simple sentence; “No excuses”.

The athlete has already been the subject of a Netflix film in 2018 which documents his struggle to succeed. He now has his sights set on becoming the first American athlete to compete in both the Olympic (wrestling) and Paralympic (wheelchair racing) Games in 2024.