UK accepts Covishield but Indians to quarantine: Here’s all you need to know about UK’s travel policy

The United Kingdom has recently added the AstraZeneca Covishield vaccine to its list of accepted vaccines against Covid-19. There was a row between India and the UK regarding the approval of the WHO-approved vaccine -Covishield. 

The efficacy of the vaccine may be the same as the versions of the drug developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University said the developers. The reason for Uk’s reluctance to accept the vaccine was a matter of concern but recently the UK accepted and approved the vaccine to its list. 

The approval of the Covishield vaccine by the UK  does not translate into relief for quarantine for fully vaccinated travelers from India under relaxed rules that come into effect from October 4. The Vaccine which was developed by the Pune-based Serum Institute has already received approval by WHO and along with that, 45 countries approved the vaccine to use in the country. 

The British government’s latest guidelines for travelers entering the country have made controversy, with many terming the policy as ‘discriminatory’. The UK government said it would now recognize Covishield but Indians vaccinated with it would still have to quarantine in order to travel to the UK. After the approval of the vaccine, UK now issues travel rules for Indians.

  1. The fully vaccinated Indians still have to go for 10 days of quarantine on arrival. only those who have taken vaccines under the approved vaccination program in the UK, Europe, or the US will be considered fully vaccinated. The quarantine is in addition to a pre-departure and post-arrival Covid test.
  1.  Authorized vaccines include two doses of the Pfizer, Moderna, or AstraZeneca vaccine (the traveler must have the final dose at least 14 days before arrival in England), or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.
  1.  If a traveler arrives without proof of a negative Covid test before departure, the fine is £500.
  1. Uk has raised doubts about the Indian vaccination certificate process. Due to this, fully vaccinated should need to quarantine in the UK on arrival under relaxed rules for non-red list or rest of world countries applicable from October 4.
  1. Indians have to book and pay for day-2 and day-8 tests to be taken in the UK.
  1. The travelers are also required to quarantine at home for 10 days.
  1. Besides, Indian travelers need to complete their passenger locator form before arriving in England.
  2. Travelers from ‘green list’ countries also need to take a test Covid-19 test three days before arriving in England.