Taliban suppresses media freedom in Afghanistan; Issues 11 new rules for Afghan media

Taliban seized and acquired complete control of Afghanistan in August and they have introduced rules and curbs that resist the free movement of the citizens of Afghanistan and women were the group who feared the Taliban’s seizure the most.

As per the latest reports from Afghanistan, the Taliban is moving to suppress media freedom in Afghanistan.  The Taliban have introduced 11 laws against news organizations.  The decision was taken to ban the publication of content that contains references to Islam or insults national identities.  It is learned that journalists have been asked to write news in coordination with the government’s media office.

Earlier, the Taliban attacked journalists reporting against the new government formed after taking power in Afghanistan. Dawa Khan Menapal, the Director of Afghanistan’s Government Information Media Center in Kabul was killed in the first week of August. Apart from that, journalist Toofan Omar of Paktia Ghag Radio was also murdered by the Taliban fighters. 

Content on private TV channels has also changed since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan. News bulletins cover pro-Taliban government programs instead of political debates, entertainment, and musicals are allowed to air now through channels. Due to the economic downturn in the country, some leading figures were forced to stop printing and go online.  
The Taliban has also made promises of respecting human values but Contrary to the promises, the group continues to violate the basic human rights of media personnel as they are being harassed, tortured, and killed.