NASA space telescope captures an unbelievable image; Netizens call it ‘Hand of God’

There are plenty of crazy facts that people might not know about Space. Amazing observations released by scientists in their research, made us think how beautiful the region above the earth’s surface is.

An image from Space is now in talks among the netizens saying that the new image released by NASA is truly a ‘hand of God’.The image, at first sight, looks like an enormous cosmic hand that is stretching through the depths of space. 

The image was captured by NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and seems to be a golden structure on a black background. NASA describes on Instagram that the hand-shaped structure, seen in gold in these images, is a nebula of energy & particles blown by a pulsar left behind after a star exploded. The pulsar, known as PSR B1509-58, is about 19 kilometers (12 miles) in diameter and it’s spinning around almost 7 times per second. 

The pulsar fires a particle wind into the surrounding material, which was expelled in the star’s absence. These particles interact with the material’s magnetic fields and cause it to shine with X-ray. The outcome is a cloud that resembles an open hand in earlier photos. The pulsar itself is not visible in this image, although it is close to the brilliant white spot. The “hand” was formed by the death of a star in a supernova explosion, explained 

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Netizens call the image a hand of god and many have commented on NASA’s Instagram page and wowed. Some others are thanking NASA for releasing the amazing views.