Japan Elections; Former Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida to become Japan’s next PM

After the win of the LDP in Japan, the former foreign minister Fumio Kishida is all set to become Japan’s next prime minister. Kishida won with 257 votes from LDP politicians after none of the initial four candidates won a majority in the first stage. He defeated Taro Kono, a popular vaccines minister and he replaces the outgoing party leader Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga.

Yoshihide Suga is stepping down as the Prime minister after 1 year of his rule over the country where he took charge last September. Kishida will be the successor of Suga and is certain to be elected the next prime minister in parliament, where his party and coalition partner control the house. 

Kishida’s victory was driven by strong support among LDP Diet(Japan’s bicameral legislature)members, The other contestant, Taro Kono on the other hand, led polling prior to the election and won the most votes from dues-paying party members. Two other female contenders, Sanae Takaichi and Seiko Noda dropped out after the first round. However, Kishida is expected to be confirmed by the Diet as Japan’s 100th Prime Minister on 4 October 2021. He is expected to form a new cabinet and reshuffle the LDP executive in early October.

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Last year, Abe quit the prime minister’s post due to health issues and the unpopular Suga took in charge and LDP factions rallied around Suga. observers note that Kishida’s victory represents continuity for the party and shows the influence of the old guard and former premier Shinzo Abe.