Delhi greenest city for real estate in India but ranks 63rd globally: Report

According to a study by property consultant Knight Frank, India’s capital city, Delhi has been marked as the greenest city for real estate in India but globally it takes 63rd position. As per reports calculated worldwide, London, Shanghai, New York, Paris, and Washington DC are the world’s top five green cities for real estate.

A total of 286 cities based on different factors have been measured by the property consultant Knight Frank which include well-developed public transport networks, urban green space, and a high number of green-rated buildings. The study conducted all over the cities in the country reported that Delhi ranks first followed by Chennai with a global rank of 224, Mumbai with a global rank of 240, Hyderabad with a global rank of 245, Bengaluru with a global rank of 259, and Pune with a global rank of 260, respectively.

Though Delhi takes the first position among other cities in the country, globally the rank for the city as greenest for real estate is found to be 63. The US, UK, Germany, France, and the Netherlands are set to be the top destinations for cross-border real estate investment in 2022.

“A series of structural reforms in the recent past has put the country’s real estate sector on a high trajectory attracting global attention,” said chairman and managing director of Knight Frank India, Shishir Baijal. 

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He added that “The country’s commercial real estate sector has revealed strong global investor interest in segments led by office and warehouse. we expect that the volume and quality of product offerings will notice a marked ramp up later in the future, with the best-in-class global participation on capital as well as development front.”